Sequentia docs


Sequentia is a Bitcoin sidechain and corresponding ecosystem of applications dedicated to tokenized assets – like stablecoins and stock tokens – and peer-to-peer transactions, including direct atomic swaps and lightning swaps between BTC and tokens issued on the Sequentia sidechain
The initial development and launch of the Sequentia network are promoted by Concatena Labs, Inc. and Sequentia S.A. de C.V., legal entities based in Delaware and El Salvador respectively.

Light paper

General information about the protocol can be found in the Sequentia Light paper. Download the pdf version here.

Theoretical paper

Detailed information about the protocol, the consensus system, and how it differs from other asset tokenization technologies can be found in this academic-style paper. See the pdf version here.

White paper

More information about the Sequentia protocol and its role within the Bitcoin ecosystem can be found in the Sequentia White Paper. You can download the pdf version here or follow the link to read it online:

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