Sequentia docs

­­­­­­­­3.7. Cross-chain consistency

­­­­For faster and more consistent cross-chain operations, the Sequentia network must not be too far behind the Bitcoin network, which means that if a new Bitcoin block is broadcasted in the network, the Sequentia network should include a reference to that block as soon as possible in the subsequent Sequentia blocks.
On the Sequentia side, when a cross-chain operation is executed, the node should wait for the transaction to appear in a Bitcoin block before broadcasting the corresponding transaction in the Sequentia network to make sure that the height of the Bitcoin block referenced by the Sequentia block with the cross-chain operation is equal or higher to the Bitcoin block with the corresponding operation.
To provide the right incentive for the Sequentia network to stay up to date with the Bitcoin network, leaders change at every Bitcoin block, with a new round of VRF outputs (while the committee composition is not affected by a new Bitcoin block). The committee members will likely choose a new leader, winning the slot based on having the lowest VRF, weighted with a coefficient that favors those referencing a Bitcoin block at a higher height.